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What is THC Oil

Whether you are shopping online or visiting a local dispensary — you have likely come across THC oil.

THC oil is one of the most popular methods to consume THC. From sublingual drops to THC oil cartridges for vape pens, THC oil is one of the most versatile products in the cannabis industry.

Below, we will discuss everything you need to know about THC oil, such as its effects and the different classes of products. We will also cover getting the best THC oil delivered straight to your door.

The Defining Characteristics of THC Oil

THC oil's distinctive traits are notable in the realm of other cannabis products.

Below, we'll dig into the defining traits that make THC oil stand out.

THC Content

Overall, THC oil contains one primary cannabinoid: THC.

THC oil is highly potent when vaped, smoked, or ingested. THC oil manufacturers separate THC molecules from the other cannabinoids present in cannabis flowers during the extraction process.

In other words, manufacturers isolate THC. The result is THC oil, which is then prepared and packaged in various styles of products. THC oil can be used across multiple products, from vape pens to tinctures.

Remember, THC oil can contain upwards of 90% THC content. Therefore, always check the lab results on the packaging of your product.

THC Oil Will Make You Feel High

The answer is a resounding yes for everyone asking if THC oil will make you high.

However, the dose of THC oil will define how high you'll feel. In other words, a small quantity will make you feel less high compared to a large amount.

Remember, THC oil contains THC — the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana. THC oil may leave users feeling high for hours on end, from euphoria to a case of endless giggles.

The Different Types of THC Oil Products

THC oil is a broad description encompassing a wide range of cannabis-related products.

Below, we'll briefly discuss the different types of THC oil products for sale via delivery services and storefront dispensaries.

THC Oil for Vape Pens

One of the most notable products that contain THC is vape pens.

Vape pens contain cartridges that are filled with 0.5 to 1 gram of THC oil. As users press a button to begin vaporization, ample amounts of vapor are released into the mouthpiece.

Ultimately, THC oil cartridges are long-lasting products and boast incredible flavor and effects. From the moment the vapor leaves your mouth, you'll experience THC's wide range of effects.

Additionally, it's possible to buy refillable vape cartridges where you can add the THC oil of your choice. The most uncomplicated products to enjoy THC oil in are vape pens and refillable cartridges.

Lastly, THC oil cartridges are the perfect product if you require a bit of discretion in your life. Unlike cannabis flowers, THC oil-based vape pens do not emit a strong cannabis-like odor.

Therefore, you can vape peacefully once you buy a THC oil vape pen!

Sublingual THC Oil

Another popular option to experience THC oil is via tinctures.

Tinctures are products that contain THC oil and other carrier oils, such as MCT oil. Users place a few drops of THC oil below their tongue and allow it to absorb via the glands below the tongue.

The effects take place within 10-15-minutes, making the effects of tinctures much more rapid than edibles. The primary benefit of using sublingual THC oil is that you don't need to smoke it.

By avoiding smoke, THC oil tinctures are a helpful product to protect the lungs.

THC Oil Extract

Last but not least are THC oil extracts.

THC oil extracts come in many different styles, such as:

Overall, these types of THC oil products are typically vaporized in a dab rig or oil rig. Using THC oil extracts in a dab rig is a much more complex experience compared to using THC oil-based tinctures and vape cartridges.

Furthermore, eating RSO or THC isolate in a pinch is possible. However, consuming THC oil extract like an edible will result in delayed effects, such as 1-2 hours until the effects occur.

However, the flavor and potency found in THC oil extracts are second to none. If you're searching for a deliciously potent experience — THC oil extracts are exactly what you have been looking to experience.

The Effects of THC Oil

Although there isn't a one size fits all experience from THC oil — there are a handful of effects that most users experience.

Below, we'll list common effects that users experience while consuming THC oil:

● Motivation

● Increased awareness

● Enhanced creativity

● Increased mood

● Decreased anxiety and depression

● Relaxation

Furthermore, the effects of THC oil can last for 1-4-hours. Depending on your THC tolerance, you may need to adjust your dose to find the perfect amount to experience your desired effects.

Aside from cognitive effects, THC oil is highly rated for individuals experiencing chronic or acute pain.

Where to Buy the Best THC Oil For Delivery

If you're ready to buy the best THC oil vape cartridge or tincture without moving a muscle — it's time to order from Grassp Health.

From lab-tested results to top-shelf products, you'll find everything you need with the click of a button. THC oil is one of the purest forms of cannabis for sale, and THC vape oil is an affordable introduction.

Please don't wait until it's too late; the summer is nearly here, and THC vape oil and other THC oil-based products are a discrete and elegant way to consume cannabis while on the go.


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