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THC Dosage Guide

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

When it comes to THC edibles — your dosage makes all the difference.

thc mg dosage chart | THC Dosage Guide

From THC-infused edibles to tinctures and everything in between, edibles are a delightful method to consume cannabis. However, many beginners (and even professionals) experience adverse effects from consuming an incorrect dosage.

Whether you prefer a THC dosage calculator or enjoy feeling it out, you're about to learn how to dose THC-based edibles properly. Below, our THC dosage guide is packed with informative tips to ensure your next edible experience goes off without a hitch.

Why You Need to Find the Proper THC Dose

Finding the correct THC edible dosage is crucial to an enjoyable experience.

If you consume too little — you won't feel much. Alternatively, too much THC can lead to a cascade of unwanted effects.

Once you find the goldilocks THC dose, you'll understand why THC edibles and tinctures are some of the most popular products in the cannabis community.

THC Dosage Calculator

Instead of doing a THC dosage chart, we will discuss the most popular THC increments by the milligram.

By discussing THC dosage in terms of milligrams — there's no room for error. If you try to follow THC dosage charts that use THC dosage by weight, you may be disappointed with the results.

Ultimately, THC is the primary element you must figure out when it comes to dosing. Below, you'll find popular THC dosages for your next edible or tincture experience.

thc mg dosage chart | THC Dosage Guide

1 - 4.5mg THC Dosage

Whether it's your first time consuming a delicious edible or tincture — you want to start slow.

Typically, THC below 5 mg is considered microdosing. In other words, the effects are relatively minimal and geared towards beginners and individuals who are sensitive the THC's effects.

Overall, 1-4.5mg THC provides mild pain relief, reduced stress, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Consuming 1-2mg of THC will provide background effects that allow for a high-functioning lifestyle.

5 - 9.5mg THC Dosage

Once you step into the 5 to 9.5mg THC dosage — you're headed toward potent territory.

5mg THC is typically the jump-off point toward strong euphoric effects. Furthermore, you'll experience a unique bodily sensation at this dosage, such as deep muscle relaxation.

Overall, the 5 - 9.5mg THC range is geared towards more experienced cannabis consumers. Once you're sure that anything less than 5mg isn't cutting it — this new dosage will prove exciting.

Ultimately, medical marijuana patients that require longer-lasting effects commonly focus on this THC dosage range.

10 - 19.5mg THC Dosage

If you're a medical marijuana patient with persistent issues or a recreational user that wants notably potent effects — this is the elevated range for you.

However, the effects from 10 to 19.5mg THC are exceptionally strong and may be too much for inexperienced users. Therefore, you must have a high THC tolerance if you consume 10 to 19.5mg THC of edibles or tinctures.

20 - 49mg THC Dosage

Medical marijuana patients that require potent THC effects or recreational users with sky-high THC tolerance will likely choose to consume 20 to 49mg of THC per edible.

Consumers will experience intense euphoria, loss of motor skills, and profound bodily relaxation in this range. From distorted vision and sound, 20 to 49mg of THC from an edible or tincture will prove to be potent for most individuals.

50mg + THC Dosage

In some cases, individuals may require 50mg THC and above.

Specifically, medical marijuana patients with serious illnesses may require over 50mg of THC to assist with pain, inflammation, and depression. Additionally, recreational users with high THC tolerance may need 50mg THC and above to experience potent effects.

Therefore, the 50mg + THC dosage is geared towards medical marijuana patients with serious medical issues and experienced recreational users.

The effects found in this upper range are extreme euphoria, blackout, and completely impaired motor skills. Furthermore, this range can quickly produce unwanted side effects, such as dizziness, anxiety, and an elevated heart rate.

How Much THC is Right For Me?

If you're wondering if 10mg of THC is too much for you or how much THC is needed to relax — it's time to experiment.

Everyone reacts differently to THC-based edibles and tinctures because each body is different. Therefore, you must use the above THC calculator to gauge your preferred dosage.

You'll always consume an edible or tincture at the lowest THC dosage as a beginner. You'll understand your preferred THC dosage as you build confidence in each THC range.

thc mg dosage chart | THC Dosage Guide

The Waiting Game of THC-Based Edibles and Tinctures

Even if you find the perfect THC dosage — you must wait for the effects to take hold.

Edibles typically take 1-3-hours to run their course through your body to produce potent effects. On the other hand, tinctures may take 15-minutes to 1 hour for effects to set in.

If you are limited on time, choosing a vaporizer cartridge is best.

THC-rich vape carts provide nearly instant effects. However, how much THC is packed into a vape cart?

Typically, 1g vape carts contain 500mg of THC. As you can imagine, a 1g vape cart will last long when focused on microdosing.

However, the trade-off between vape carts and edibles is THC dosage accuracy. Whereas THC-rich edibles and tinctures are easy to dose — vape carts are much less straightforward.

Maximize Your THC Experience With Grassp Health

Now that you have a reliable THC calculator — it's time to head over to Grassp Health.

Grassp Health specializes in delivering medical-grade cannabis products, such as flowers, vape cartridges, edibles, and more. With so many edibles at your fingertips, there's no better time than now to put the THC calculator to the test to find your perfect THC dose!

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