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Weed Weights and Pricing

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

What do long-time cannabis connoisseurs and the new generation of stoners have in common? Both are probably unaware of the units of measurement and sheer math that go into weighing weed and pricing it.

Whether you’re buying a gram of weed or an ounce, someone has to accurately weigh it and determine the price before it winds up in your pipe. Pricing weed might seem like a mystical art, but instead, it is based on concrete factors like weight, strain type, where it was grown, and your local market conditions.

This guide to weed weights tells you everything you should know about standard weed weight measurements and how weed prices are determined by weight.

A gram of weed

Guide to standard weed weights

To get started on your journey toward understanding how weed pricing works, you first must understand the different ways weed is weighed.

You’ve probably heard slang like dime bag, and dub sack used when buying weed. Both refer to a dollar amount of weed, as in $10 or $20 worth, rather than the actual weight. So, if you go by slang terms in an expensive weed market, you might overpay.

To make sure you always get what you pay for, the best approach is to buy weed according to a unit of measurement weight. Let’s define what those are, what each unit of measurement means, and how much to pay for each.

A Gram

A gram of weed is the ultimate standard unit of measurement in the cannabis industry. It’s typically the smallest unit of measure you’ll find in dispensaries, although it’s sometimes possible to find ½ grams (typically found in THC Cartridges).

Buying a gram of weed is excellent for trying out new strains or sampling different effects because it usually won’t break the bank. If you purchase a gram and end up loving it, you can always come back for more, which is usually the moment to size up and buy an eighth, the next unit of measurement on our list.

A gram of weed

An Eighth

An eighth of weed is probably the most misunderstood weed weight in existence. What does an eighth of weed mean in the first place? Let’s clear that up by explaining some common misconceptions.

In the previous section, we covered grams, a metric unit of measurement. However, any weed weight heavier than a gram is measured using the imperial system instead of metric units. That’s a bit confusing, right?

So, an eighth of weed is an imperial measurement meaning an eighth of one ounce, which, in terms of grams, is 3.5g. Knowing this conversion comes in handy when you’re shopping the selection at your favorite cannabis dispensary — sometimes, you’ll find better deals per gram weight when you buy an eighth instead of single grams.

Who is an eighth of weed for? If you’ve found a strain you love and want to have a bit extra on hand for yourself or when matching bowls, an eighth of weed is the perfect amount.

A Quarter

Like an eighth, a quarter of weed is an imperial weight measurement that refers to a quarter of an ounce. Again, it’s helpful to know how much a quarter of weed is in grams — a quarter converts to just about 7 grams.

Buying a quarter of weed is a great way to get a stash of your favorite strain without breaking the bank. The best time to buy a quarter is when you’ve discovered that special strain or when the dispensary is low on your favorite bud.

A gram of weed

A Half

By now, you’re probably getting the hang of calculating weed weights. If so, you probably guessed that a half means a half-ounce of weed.

Perhaps you’ve also noticed that each weed weight is double the weight of the previous one. Going by that pattern, a half-ounce converts to 14 grams of weed.

Who should buy a half-ounce of weed? If you’re a dedicated stoner or found a highly medicinal strain, a half-ounce is the way to go. Purchasing a half also means you’ll get closer to bulk pricing, which translates to a cheaper cost per gram.

An Ounce

An ounce of weed is the gold standard unit of measurement at dispensaries. Just how much is an ounce of weed? The answer is 28 grams of weed or doubles the amount of a half ounce.

Nearly all other weed weights are based on the ounce: usually, retail buyers don’t go for anything heavier.

Moreover, by law, an ounce is typically the most weed you can buy at once without being a dispensary yourself. So, an ounce is the heaviest weight available at the register when you’re a retail customer ready to buy in bulk.

An ounce of weed is a great pickup when you’re a seasoned stoner who knows exactly what you like. You’ve probably already sampled a gram or two of the strain — or, perhaps, the dispensary is doing deals on bulkier buys.

How weed prices are determined

Have you ever wondered how weed prices are calculated? There are a couple of significant factors at play, beginning with weed weight.

As explained above, a gram is usually the most negligible weed weight available for purchase. However, to calculate how much a gram of weed costs, dispensaries do the math beginning with the strain’s bulk cost from a supplier.

Since dispensaries buy cannabis strains in bulk by the kilogram (1,000 grams), smaller weed weights are divided from the cost of the largest. The strain type and where it was grown (indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse) also contribute to pricing.

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