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How to recover from edibles or a weed hangover

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Weed can hit you hard, sometimes a bit too hard. Sometimes this weed hangover can leave you feeling tired and nauseous the next day. Most people are not aware of the weed hangover; here's what you need to know about how to recover from edibles.

how to recover from edibles | does weed help a hangover | weed hangover
Weed Hangover

Thankfully, unlike an alcohol hangover, you can recover much quicker from a weed hangover with a bit of effort. Let us jump into why weed hangovers may happen after potent the consumption of a powerful cannabis product.

So what exactly is a weed hangover?

What many call a weed hangover is the feeling that happens when you consume more THC than your body can handle. This side effect can happen to anyone regardless of your experience with marijuana. And it can occur unexpectedly, but it usually follows a rather large dose of cannabis consumption. According to Healthline, here are some of the symptoms;

Common symptoms of a weed hangover include:

  • fatigue

  • lethargy

  • brain fog

  • dry eyes and mouth

  • headaches

  • mild nausea

Why do weed hangovers happen?

Some scientists are skeptical that weed hangovers even exist due to the limited research on them.

A recent study published in The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain states the most common side-effect reported was brain fog which is described as an unalert feeling. Unfortunately, the researchers did not provide how many people felt this side effect.

To test for brain fogginess, the participants, before smoking, would complete behavioral tasks such as sorting cards. Then the next day, after smoking, they would repeat these tasks.

The scientists noted that those who smoked cannabis the day prior performed these tasks a little slower. However, these studies were only tested on a small group of men. No concrete conclusion can be drawn from the test size.

Most cannabis consumers worldwide would agree that weed hangovers do indeed exist. You might be reading this blog because you have one right now.

Alright, so they exist, but what causes a weed hangover? And how to recover from edibles.

Well, the apparent answer is weed causes a weed hangover, but let's dive a bit deeper. There are two main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and they are THC and CBD. CBD doesn't have many known harmful side effects, which leaves THC as the most likely culprit even in very high doses.

This also tends to line up with the experiences most people have with strains higher in THC; the more likely one will have a weed hangover—especially if that strain is low in CBD.

Strangely though, the most reported cause of weed hangovers comes from cannabis edibles. But why is that so?

how to recover from edibles | does weed help a hangover | weed hangover

Why do edibles cause more weed hangovers?

This is due to the strength and long activation period of edibles. People who are inexperienced with edibles can quickly over consume, leading to them becoming way too high. This overconsumption subsequently leads to a lousy weed hangover the following day.

The reason why edibles can be easily over consumed is due to how the body processes them. (If you would like to learn more about this process, read: How Long do Edibles Last?) When you eat an edible, it needs to be digested before entering your bloodstream.

This is not the case when you smoke, or vape flower/concentrates; THC gets absorbed rather quickly when you take a puff. In contrast, the digestive system breaks the edible down and processes the THC over a more extended period.

Because of how the digestive system works, an edible consumed later in the evening could be in your system until the following day. This is why many people still report feeling high the day after eating an edible.

Another reason edibles may cause a weed hangover more often is because THC gets turned into 11-hydroxy-THC by the liver. The liver transforms THC into a more powerful version of itself.

Many scientists believe that the stronger 11-hydroxy-THC gets made in larger quantities when THC is eaten, resulting in a more potent high.

So how do you recover from edibles?

Although you might feel lethargic and do not want to move, you need to get on your feet to start the recovery process. Diet and hydration are critical to helping reduce the symptoms of a weed hangover.


So, what is the best way to naturally flush your system? Water, Pedialyte, fresh tea with citrus juice: any fluid that isn't full of sugar not only hydrates you but will help rid your body of the edible’s strength. Sugar alone (in large quantities) will delay the time it takes an edible to leave your body and can actually increase the timeframe of the effects.


Here are some ways that you can follow that will help get rid of fatigue or brain fog:

  1. Hydration is a must — much like an alcohol hangover, you'll need to keep drinking water. It's a good idea to keep a large water bottle near you at all times throughout the day. (preferably a reusable one)

  2. Try some caffeine — water will help you flush your system, but you may need a mild stimulant to kick it up a notch. Try a black tee to give your body some extra energy throughout the day.

  3. Get up and active — ideally, you will start feeling a little better after increasing your liquid intake, but you will need to add some light exercise to truly feel better. Try a 30-minute walk outside in some fresh air to help you clear your mind. Or better yet, jump on a bicycle and get a nice breeze on your face!

  4. Stretch — once done with your light workout, get on a yoga mat or the carpet and start stretching.

  5. Shower — You should be feeling fresh by now, but a relaxing shower can help you feel balanced.

  6. Eat healthily — You should try to keep away from processed foods for the rest of the day. Nutrition plays a vital role in how we feel; this is no different from helping cure a weed hangover. Try to eat whole and natural foods throughout the day; you will start to feel better and healthier.

how to recover from edibles | does weed help a hangover | weed hangover

How to prevent a weed hangover in the future.

Knowing your dose is the simplest and most effective way to prevent a weed hangover. Knowing the amount you should consume recognizes how much cannabis to take to avoid overdoing it.

An excellent way to figure out your dose is to find a super consistent product that's easier to measure. We recommend top-shelf quality edibles with a set amount of THC in each piece. If you are looking for the right product for you, ask your local budtender or set up a free consultation here.

Start at 2.5mg of THC, the psychoactive threshold, and work your way up from there until you reach your desired effects. Make sure to wait at least two hours before increasing your dose, as the edible digestion process can take some time. For a quick test, we recommend low-dose cannabis beverages.

Once you know your dose, you will be more confident about consuming cannabis, and you will not have to worry as much about a weed hangover in the future!

Here is a chart to help you determine the best dose for yourself.

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