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What Can You Use as Rolling Paper?

One of the most popular ways to smoke weed is with rolling paper.

However, there are dozens of options, such as Zigzag, RAW, and even DIY methods. Below, we’ll discuss what you can use as rolling paper for your sticky buds.

Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll be inspired to kick back, relax, and spark up a joint from one of our preferred products.

raw rolling papers | rolling papers

Traditional Rolling Papers

If you want to keep things simple — all you need is traditional joint paper.

Traditional rolling papers come in booklets and contain dozens of papers. Simply slide a rolling paper out and tear a piece of the booklet for the crutch. As long as your rolling skills are optimal — this technique never gets old.

However, the art of rolling papers is increasingly being lost to easier-to-use products, such as fillable cones.

Traditional rolling papers are made from hemp, flax, wood pulp, or rice. For ultra-smooth burning rates, hemp proves to be the best in this category. Below, we’ll list a few examples of trusted joint paper products.

  • Zig-Zag Rolling Paper

  • RAW Rolling Paper

raw rolling papers | rolling papers

Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones are a quick and easy method to smoke a joint.

As the name implies, these products are pre-rolled; all you have to do is fill it. Therefore, pre-rolled cones are considered by rolling enthusiasts as a lazy way to smoke a joint because users aren’t required to have any joint rolling skills.

Pre-rolled cones are a popular method in the cannabis community, which is why they’ve earned a place in this review.

As long as you’re armed with a grinder, plunger, and weed — you can fill up a pre-rolled cone in a matter of seconds. Below, we’ll list our preferred brands to buy when it comes to pre-rolled cones.

  • RAW Cones Classic King Size

  • Zig-Zag Rolled Cones

raw rolling papers | rolling papers

Alternative Materials for Rolling Paper

If you can’t get your hands on traditional joint papers or pre-rolled cones — you’ll need to break out your Macgyver skills.

Below, we’ll briefly discuss popular alternative materials to roll a smooth-burning joint quickly for your next spontaneous sesh.

Toilet Paper

Although toilet paper sounds like a slightly disconcerting option — it’s a classic method when you’re in a pinch.

All you need to do is break a toilet paper square and use it to roll your weed as usual. Furthermore, a thin piece of cardboard can be fashioned as a crutch.

However, don’t expect a slow and smooth burn once you light a toilet paper joint. Remember, toilet paper joints are used to get the job done when you don’t have any other options.

Emptied Cigar or Cigarette

If you’re in the mood for a large joint (blunt) but don’t have access to rolling papers — it’s time to raid the cabinet for cigars.

Carefully slice down the middle of a cigar and empty its contents. Then, refill the wrap with cannabis and seal it shut with saliva — it’s as easy as that!

Alternatively, cigarettes can be carefully emptied and refilled in a jiffy.

raw rolling papers | rolling papers

Corn Husks

When it’s summer and everyone’s buying whole corn to grill — you can use the corn husk to your advantage.

Corn husk is the papery material that protects each ear of corn. Carefully unwrap the corn husk and use a blade to cut out the perfect rolling paper.

Once you roll your corn husk joint — you’ll enjoy a smooth and flavorful burn.

raw rolling papers | rolling papers

Rose Flower Petals

One of the most interesting (and romantic) alternative rolling paper methods is to use rose petals.

However, this technique requires large rose petals and a steady hand. Simply use one to two rose petals and roll your joint. The aroma from rose petals is deeply relaxing, and paired with cannabis makes an unforgettable experience.

Other Novel Methods to Smoke Cannabis When Rolling Papers are Not an Option

If you’re thwarted at every turn and can’t get your hands on a rolling paper alternative — it’s time to break out a few tried-and-true items to fashion a pipe.


If you’re like us — you always have apples on hand.

They are delicious and offer a unique structure that allows you to create a pipe. Simply hollow out the top where the stem is and burrow a connection hole through the side.

The hole at the top is used as the bowl, and the side cut is used as the mouthpiece. Once you create a pipe with an apple — you may wish to continue using this method!

Aluminum Cans

When times are tough, aluminum cans offer an ingenious way to smoke weed.

All you need is an empty can, a pair of heavy-duty scissors, and a way to poke a few holes in the can.

One of the easiest ways is to slightly bend the can in half, poke a handful of holes in the middle, and place your weed above the poked holes. Furthermore, poke a single hole in the bottom of the can to use as a carb. You can use the drinking area as the mouthpiece!


Although we’re not a fan of smoking with tin foil — it’s a classic option that thousands of cannabis enthusiasts have used to this very day.

Use your creative skills to fashion a pipe using foil. Remember, foil is easily moldable, so try your best to create an epic pipe for your next smoking sesh!

Be Prepared or Be Creative When it Comes to Rolling Papers

Ultimately, it’s best to be prepared if you’re a fan of joints and blunts.

Being prepared means having a supply of rolling papers or pre-rolled cones at the ready. However, it’s common to find ourselves caught off guard without papers on hand.

Therefore, you should always be ready to get creative. Whether you carve a pipe with an apple or use corn husks to roll a massive blunt — your creativity will get the job done when it counts!

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